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. this illustrates a tension that is driving politics in a number of states right now. states that voted for obama twice. states that are blue when it comes to presidential elections. the states that swung hard to the gop in the 2010 midterms. republicans in 2010 won governorships in michigan, maine, pennsylvania, iowa, wisconsin, new mexico, florida and nevada. all of them states that president obama has now carried twice and some cases by lopsided margins. add in new jersey too where republican chris christie won the governorship in 2009 a year after obama carried the state by 18 points. what's important to remember the voters who put these republicans in charge in 2010 were different than the voters who made these states blue in 2008 and 2012. they were older. they were whiter. they were a lot more conservative. the electorate put john kasich in power in ohio probably sees the abortion restrictions he just signed a lot differently than the electorate that delivered the state to obama last fall. some republican governors have managed this tension better than others. christie seems to be the most
was wearing one at the time of his death, and martin's parents attended some of the rallies and civil rights leader called for the arrest and the case prompted a response from president obama. jonathan hunt is here. this was a hot-button issue from the get-go. >> the very feeling among many people that there was a racial element to this killing, plus the fact that there was no early arrest made turned it from what might have been a local crime story into a national issue, even president obama, about a month after the killing, was asked about it at the white house. listen. >> if i had a son heed look lick -- he'd look like trayvon. i think they are right to expect that all of us, as americans, are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves and we're going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened. >> but this was also political primary season, and republicans were forced to weigh in, too. listen to this,. >> the fact that law enforcement didn't immediately go after and prosecute this case is another chilling example of horrible decisions made by people. >> entirely appropriate fo
, nbc news. >>> we're following new developments right now out of egypt. president obama says he's quote cautiously encouraged by new plans to hold elections in the current year. today egypt's interim president announced he wanted to get an elected government back in place. the muslim brotherhood quickly rejected the plan saying morsi is still the democratically elected leader. tensions are high in the country after 50 pro morsi protesters were secured by security forces yesterday. a powerful car bomb wounded more than 50 people here in a hezbollah stronghold in beirut today. no immediate claim of responsibility but there have been concerns that hezbollah would face retaliation for sending shi'ite fighters to syria to support the government of al assad. many sunnis support syrian's rebels. >>> some people are returning to their homes following last weekend's deadly train derailment and explosion in canada. police confirm 13 are dead. 37 still missing. relatives are being asked to turn over tooth brushes and hair brushes and razors so dna can be used to identify the dead. meanwhile the in
, again, president obama said the right thing. there was a lot of emotion and power in that. what are we doing? we have 166 people detained at guantanamo and 86 have been secured by his administration. what are we doing anymore, what has the situation has become where we are sustaining laf with procedures like you just saw. and for the record, i don't think that is a dramatization. i have sat across from men who have described that to me. i have heard that for years, and i found it completely horrible and very hard to watch. >> very hard to watch. >> but i think the point is, we're still waiting for action to go with president obama's statements. it's been two months since that speech. it's been over five months since the hunger strike started. we haven't seen a intestinal transfer yet, and those need to start happening. and ultimately, you know, as far as force feeding goes, i think judge kessler made an important point in her decision. president obama has the authority to affect policy at guantanamo. he has the authority to affect force feeding policy at guantanamo, and ultimately, he
, the majority of us voted for a president that does show our concern. >> why? >> because right now we as republicans have not put forth an urban agenda to counter what the democrats and president obama has said. not one time when we look at high unemployment, when the president introduced his nominee for secretary of labor, he talked about disability, he talked about the lbgt community, not one time in that five-minute speech of mr. perez did he talk about anything about the african-american or black community and the unemployment. >> yes. back there and then star. yeah. >> i want to say this, with the color thing, my mom's 86 years old, somebody walked up to her and said, sister, do you know where you're from? she said, yeah, i'm from long island new york. no, do you know what country you're from? yeah, from the united states of america. so, i mean, that's the way that they are trying to shove it down their side. but if we can say, hey, guess what? you know what? we are all americans. i mean, i served in the military. we weren't black and white in the military. well, we weren't black
. former president of the harvard civil rights, civil liberties law review, in a way that barack obama was president of the harvard our review -- law review. you would have heard a lot about her as a possible vice presidential candidate for the fact that she was born in canada and therefore no proper birth certificate, according to some, that natural born thing. her first dude is my yell college classmate, a very impressive guy, dan mulhern. he took care of the kids. that begins a model for america, what it might be at the federal level. heat your eye on governorships. -- keep your eye on governorships. >> i was wondering if you could speak a little bit about the relationship between frequent and eleanor roosevelt. is there anything -- franklin and eleanor roosevelt. >> i think the doris kearns goodwin took -- book is very telling. it is wonderfully documented. i come away from it feeling like they were ships passing in the night. there would be times when he would reach out to her, and she was unavailable to him, and times when she would reach out to him, and he was unavailable to her
of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you right here next week. i. >>> 61 seconds devoted to how obama care is going to hurt small business. >> that's it? >> 61 seconds. >> in the entirety of 2012. >> the media taking hits for no hard hitting coverage of the obama care train wreck and the president's power play to delay a key mandate of the law. why isn't the press paying attention? >> the injuries on mr. zimmerman's back of his head consistent with someone doing this? >> wall-to-wall coverage of the zimmerman murder trial gives critics a chance to slam the media accusing some of tabloid antics and using the event to
gigot. hope to see you right here next week. i. >>> 61 seconds devoted to how obama care is going to hurt small business. >> that's it? >> 61 seconds. >> in the entirety of 2012. >> the media taking hits for no hard hitting coverage of the obama care train wreck and the president's power play to delay a key mandate of the law. why isn't the press paying attention? >> the injuries on mr. zimmerman's back of his head consistent with someone doing this? >> wall-to-wall coverage of the zimmerman murder trial gives critics a chance to slam the media accusing some of tabloid antics and using the event to ramp up poor ratings. has the press misused its privilege? unrest in egypt gets media attention. tensions in the region are a real concern. but is the situation there too complicated for proper coverage? >> lied about personal sexual activity, yes. >> when it comes to bad behavior of high-profile politicians do the media tend to forgive and hen forget? does that only apply to members of one political party? when it comes to getting your news, get a switch news channel comes out on top.
, in essence, when you hear progressives talk about the environment or lgbt rights. you name it. that agenda would be very different, frankly, if, and we wouldn't have a president obama and congress would look very differently without the black and latino vote. i just wonder, does democratic party realize that as well. we focus politically a lot on republicans but this is a moment for democrats and other parts of the progressive moment. this is not just a black/white issue anymore. >> no. this has always been an issue at the core of our democracy itself. this voting rights act was really put in place to help us get closer to making, being one nation under god with liberty and justice for all, our situation rather than our aspiration. we all have an interest in that. there are some folks in the party who i've heard talking about, we can use it as a wedge issue. no. all of us should be saying, we're going to get this done before it can become a wedge issue. this is a time to step up. be disciplined as citizens in saying, we are going to ensure that all of our citizens' right to vote is protect
it comes to question what president obama has been doing with the nsa. >> that is right. they did ask him some good questions about the law that allows the government to read e- mails after six months and they asked some questions about pending legislation to fix the nsa. comey kind of hedge on those questions and said he could not offer an opinion. the key thing here is that comey did not really opposed warrantless monitoring, and actually looks like he just wanted the legal underpinnings to be adjusted. as far as whistleblowers, of course, in the fbi and in many of these other intelligence agencies, there is no recourse in court. of course, senator grassley mentioned this. there is no other option for people who would this troupe illegality, as edward snowden did. what do you do when you are witnessing a violation of the constitution and there is no internal chain of command or mechanism to get that information out. comey, of course, i do not think it's not going to answer that because he does not want to prejudice the situation right now of the government prosecuting adverts noted. --
of fun right now with president oma. >> si is thumbing his nosehe president obama. the same time he is taking that super bowl ring from the new england patriots. you know, it is actually quite tragic because it is not to the point where the president of the united states carries no credibility. and china and russia are making fun of him today and thumbing their noses at him, tomorrow it is venezuela and the next day it is other countries. once this starts weather countries and other leaders have no respe for the president of the united states it is a cascading effect. lou: jay carney, white house press spokesm said that the may a deliberate decision, a deliberate decision to let him leave hong kong for russia. we presume that is where he is added unquestionably has a negative impact on u.s.-china lations focusing on the chinese side of this trilogy, if you will. what are your thoughts? >> well, i think it is a demonstration that the chinese could not care less what the white houseays. did we really do all that we could to persuade them not to let him go? did the president call the c
the whole thing may collapse. >> bill: brit hume says obama care may be dead on arrival. mr. hume will be here. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the era of bad feelings. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. all over the country, americans are attacking other americans over political issues. on sunday, june 30th in seattle, two christian activists showed up at a gay pride rally holding signs saying repent or else and jesus saves from sin. the two men were attacked. >> that's a big [bleep] if i were you i would [bleep] [shouting] >> [screaming] seattle police have arrested two men, the fat guy who was slugging him and i think that's the guy, well, i shouldn't say, this one of the men arrested has nine felonies, nine on his rap sheet. now, obviously this is very disturbing, yes, the christians were looking to be provocative, but, that's no excuse for violence. if gays really want to be proud, they will overlook criticism like that. on another pol
everywhere. sorry, t.y.t. decided. all right, fantastic. when we come back, is msnby losing their ratings and audience because they're too soft on obama or not soft enough? noah wrote about it today. it's a fascinating story. we'll come back and talk about it. is ♪ theme ♪ cenk: all right, we're back on "the young turks." now, we're going to talk about msnbc. i used to work there. that's crazy. [ laughter ] i do have some insight. noah rothman wrote about their lackluster ratings as of late. is it because they are going harder after obama or because they're not going hard enough after obama? i'm not sure, noah, tell us your theory and we'll discuss. >> well, the basis of that post was a poll that gallup did surveying american television news viewing habits and found that kind of no surprise, fox news is at the top, second place cnn, abc news as a network broadcaster third and a whole bunch of 1% including msnbc in the end. what was fascinating was they had a partisan breakdown democratic republican, independent. now what was shocking is that most democrats by a what thatting 10%, you
believe how they feel about each other right now. >> president obama is getting a new mini-van that will have advanced night vision capability. the technology even has a cool name called a head light. >>> i'm norah o'donnell with gayle king and anthony mason. charlie rose is off. >>> four days after the deadly crash of asiana 214, the focus is turning to a key piece of equipment in the cockpit. it controls the speed of the jet. john blackstone is watching the investigation the asan francisco international airport. >>> the ntsb chair said yesterday at a press conference that the pilots assumed the auto throttles were maintaining speed. we now know that wasn't the case. the ntsb said they also found the plane flight director guidance system switched on for one pilot but off for the other, a situation that has caused confusion for pilots in the past. >> it would have ott flight atep dants in the rear of the boeing 777 were ejected on impact, found by first responders down the roadway. they survived. asiana airlines ceo landed on tuesday in san francisco and was warmed by media
. >> right. >> bill: ladies, thanks very much. next on the rundown, we will have the inside story on the immigration bill, will the house kill it? later, dennis miller on egypt and how the obama administration is dealing with it up ahead. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief! a friend under water is something completely different. i met a turtle friend today so, you don't get that very often. it seemed like it was more than happy to have us in his home. so beautiful. avo: more travel. more options. more personal. whatever you're looking for expedia has more ways to help you find yours. >> bill: in the impact segment tonight two hot stories for you how secretary of state kerry handling the mess in egypt. the immigration house may kill it? >> the house does not intend to take up the senate bill. the house is going to do its own job on developing an immigration bill. >>
to another. jay-z tells hot 97 that, yes, he does text president obama. jay says the prez likes sports metaphors, so here's what went down right before his re-election. >> hey, you know, fourth quarter, just give me the ball. >> word. and now a strange interaction between justin bieber and bill clinton. strange is right. e news reports the syringe called the former president to apologize for saying "f bill clinton" earlier this week. clinton reportedly saying, quote, if that's the worst thing you've ever done, all is well. he told justin to focus on doing good in the world. that is your dish of morning scrambled politics. >>> all right. cities throughout the eastern part of the country are cleaning up after massive storms just ravaged their towns. a city in northeastern ohio has gotten so much rainfall, yep, residents there are using boats just to get around. and a tornado that touched down in western pennsylvania on wednesday, you see, left massive damage in its wake. luckily, no fatalities or major injuries have been reported. nbc's bill karins is here with your weekend weather. we w
to afford human rights organizations the ability to do their work in russia throughout russia. not just at the moscow transit lounge. >> within the last few hours, obama and putin actually spoke by phone about edward snowden. we don't know what was said on that call and don't know what will happen to edward snowden. today we do know edward snowden is in russia working with some capacity with the approval, at least, of the russian government. the white house is not at all happy about it. joining me on the phone from rio de janeiro, glenn greenwald for "the guardian" newspaper and broke the edward snowden story in "the guardian." my first question to you is, why do you think after this holding pattern, long weeks where we didn't see edward snowden, why did today happen? >> the reason is because his ability to get to the countries where he's seeking asylum, and hopes to receive asylum, has been thwarted by the willingness of the united states government physically to block him from being able to get there. they revoked his passport which prevents him from traveling. they've signaled to the
,nown that in for a long time, we have not made enough noise to say this is not fair, this is not right. that not only did clinton declined to lessen this disparity, but so did george w. bush. barack obama in 2010, as you point out, legislation that decreases the disparity from 100 to one to 18 to one. which is still unsatisfactory from a scientific perspective. you are concerned and i get that. i don't expect by scientists to play politics. i expect them to give me the facts. i expect scientists to put the facts on the table and if you say there isn't much distinction, he argument was, it was one of the reasons why he signed it again, the argument was that it is so much more harmful for you than powder cocaine. if you're telling me there is not much of a distinction, why does the distinction still exist? ultimately, this is about race. it affected people, like you pointed out. haiti% of people arrested, they are black. if we have a majority of people that look like the guys in congress being arrested, we know that the law would change. the law itself is not racist. it is the enforcement of the law. so we
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outreach what is called the cave which is the secret annex of the chicago headquarters of the obama campaign that i penetrated with the twenty-something analytics geeks figured out all the new ways to appeal not only to latinos right down to the different -- >> down to the color of the e-mails. >> yes. yellow got a better return than white and there are 100 other things. everybody knows obama did a better job on the dedge tall front, i try to explain how. >> "the center holds" is the book, and jonathan alter is the author. thank you for being here. >>> coming up on at 2:00 p.m. eastern on a brand-new "your money" lack of opportunity or lack of ambition, what is really holding back america's unemployed? i'll see you at 2:00 p.m. today, and until then you can find me at facebook and my handl handle @christineromans. cnn continues right now. >>> my youngest son is trayvon benjamin martin. >> my son george. >>> it was the testimony of two mothers that electrified the zimmerman court friday, but who will the jury believe? >>> just three days after a coup toppled the government, violence
and switch. >> bill: charles krauthammer saying obama care is imploding. there is also questions whether president obama is violating the constitution in the matter. charles will be here. and caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. crime, punishment, and african-americans, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. over the july 4th weekend. 48 people were shot in chicago. 11 of them dead. all were black according to the chicago tribune. as you may know the murder rate in chicago is a disgrace. and 75% of all the murdered victims were black according to the latest stats available. but this story is largely untold in america because the national media refuses to cover it. meantime the george zimmerman trayvon martin trial is saturated with media coverage. the reason is race. the light skinned hispanic accused of murdering a black teenager. believe me, the 11 people shot dead in chicago over the weekend will not get a smidgen of coverage because it's likely that blacks kil
not want mr. snowden to further damage u.s. interests. >> a kremlin spokesman said that barack obama has spoken about average snowden over the telephone but did not disclose any details. this case is not likely to improve u.s.-russian relations, which is strained over human rights issues. the russian government has not been in contact with edward snowden. >> under russian law, there is a specific procedure for political asylum. the first is a request to the federal migration service. >> there is no telling how long had been snowden will remain in russia. applied forad temporary asylum, and he said that many south american countries have offered him asylum. >> opposition parties have slammed the foreign minister for not getting information on the federal spot -- federal spying plan. defended u.s. monitoring, which he said prevented dozens of attacks worldwide. but many germans are outraged over reports that the u.s.'s spying on their allies. describing the visit as an overall success with tangible results. but back home the uproar continues. aher leaders say that this is disaster. >> this
for washington's team in the las vegas summer league. >>> all right,let talk tennis, the washington kastles made history in front of a packedpacd crowd including first lady michelle obama. they beat new york 23-15. it's the teams 33rd con consecuv win. it ties the record set by the lakers. they could break the recordrecod tonight against the boston lob sisters. >> th-- lobsters. >> the first lady was there. thr >> the show i was big deal and they're making history in the process. >>> the team hosted the grand gn opening of the new trainingning facility down in rich mopped. richmond. the brand new facility, a separate room for locker rooms, high-tech training room. room governor mcdonnell, were guestt speakers at the unveiling on monday, and they took time to give praise to the cha franchise quart back. >> you're dealing with a ultraua smart, and ultra gifted athlete. when they said his rehabilitation is ahead of schedule, robert would say it's right on schedule. i would be very surprised if he is not dressed up on the first game. >> the new will he wette new wi. >>> is the key to losing weight t
constitutional right to religious freedom has already been compromised. the refusal by the obama administration to classify institutions as religious employers has already compromised our religious rights. there is every indication this will escalate. refusing to count other catholic colleges and christian colleges as religious employers , the state can target us as they have done to catholic adoption agencies that won't place children with same-sex couples. unless catholic colleges and universities and christian colleges are given some assurance that their religious liberty will be protected the threats will continue. rejecting our claims of religious liberty it is likely that in a misguided attempt to protect women's rights we will will forced to facilitate our students' participation in things like student i wantships at the clinics of abortion providers. similarly catholic colleges and universities may be forced to accept as leaders those who openly disavow the catholic faith. or hoss tile to the catholic faith. analogous situations have arisen. but if wre protest on religious liberty groun
to be headed this fall into next year's midterm elections with a liability from obama care and that could make 2010 look like a cake walk. >> there is a legal element in this, too. i read the statute that says right there in black letters that this employer mandate will be implemented in 2013 -- december 31, 2013. can they invade congress and just do this on their own discretion? >> well, in -- in theory, they should not be able to do that, paul. but then there is the problem of reality. mine, i think the agency at -- well the agency at the center of this is our old friends at the internal revenue service. >> law isn't reality? >> law is reality but the -- reality is that the -- we have known for some months that the irs was struggling to create an enforcement procedure to do this. this was announced by treasury and suggest very strongly that irs told the administration we are not ready for the reporting requirements and enforcement procedures. we just don't have it. so -- the law no withstanding you have the practicality of an agency that says -- i cannot do -- we cannot implement. >> it how
. senator obama said i'm opposed to it. beam go to the general quarters and said it was going to be a left-right fight rather than a fight over institutions. did we miss the big thing, intelligence? >> people retreated not only to their corners but to further corners than ever before. david talked about the lack of trust now in institutions. that's a huge story over the course of the last 10 years. the other big domestic story about the iraq war is polarization. there is no more dominant theme than the increased partisanship, the bitterness, the hate in many cases that sprouted on both sides. there was a brief one-year period after 9/11 where polization vanished for a moment and then with iraq came right back and gotten worse and ors. chris: so from vietnam to watergate, a bit of a pause and right back. kathleen, should we be arguing more about insurance institutions and who we're trusting? >> sort of bouncing off of what andrew said, the words that come to mind for me are temporary insanity. all of that fear we talk about, that con vealed the -- congealled -- we were so thrown off balance. we
is the assistant attorney general of the civil rights division in washington, dc, he was nominated for that position by president obama and sworn in in october of 2009 and we are all the lucky -- we are all very lucky that that happened in october of 2009. tom has spent his entire career in public service and on protecting the civil rights of our most vulnerable people. tom actually joined the civil rights division as a young lawyer and while he was there he prosecuted some of the most significant cases in the country. lawyers in the civil rights division get fanned out to places in the country to handle cases in mississippi and alabama and california and all over and tom was one of those people. he was sent to texas to handle a very significant hate crime case when he was a young lawyer that involved a gang of white supremacists that went on a killing spree and ended up shooting 3 people and killing one when he was a young lawyer working in the civil rights division. he later served as a top deputy for attorney general janet reno, he was special counsel to ted kennedy and ser
's a new option about serving in afghanistan. it could bring our troops home by next summer. right now the schedule has troops leaving by the end of 2014. the president is considering this new zero option. the obama administration said for months they wouldn't rule out any options on troop levels but today they wouldn't say. >> president obama said the united states will fight along. there are about 63,000 american troops in afghanistan. by next february the numbers could be cut in half. it looks like the president may speed up the timeline now. >> we have some breaking news in to the newsroom right now. details on that deadly train derailment in canada. officials said they were opening a criminal investigation into the crash and fire that followed. we learned two new bodies have been discovered in the middle of that wreckage. investigators are putting their attention on the train's brakes. in all, we know 15 people died in the derailment and fire. >>> a museum in georgia is apologizing. the family of a young girl said their daughter was turned away from the police because of a wheelch
republic and haiti, and it looks like the forecast track will go right through that favorable region. i'm david bernard, cbs news, miami. >>> president obama is reportedly considering a option in afghanistan. "the new york times" said mr. obama is frustrated with afghan president hamid karzai and may speed up withdrawal of forces of all troops after 2014. earlier i spoke to cbs only like mike lyons, and he said if the pull outhappens it will have negative consequences. >> nato troops there as well they'll likely pull out as well. there will be no infrastructure military there to support the afghan force or the afghan government. what they'll lose is intelligence collection that processing, anything over the horizon intelligence we've been giving them right now. what's changed on the ground, i don't know, if this is a reaction from individual leaders to change the strategy this is pretty significant to go from 7,000 troops to zero. >> "the new york times" also says no decision has been made on the withdrawal. >>> and egypt's interim government is calling for new parliament in the coup. c
then was that the people should decide in egypt, what he's saying right now is the same thing. it's not like obama was campaigning for morsi. jon: and then there are these disputes about what happened in that attack this morning that left more than 40 people dead. jim, the media suggested that it was a peaceful sit-in outside the military compound. the military then released some videos that made it look like it was a pretty violent protest. >> >> or an attack even. again, we don't know. that's the enormous challenge of it. there's a piece by a fella named -- [inaudible] in the journal this morning that said that, you know, we could be looking at a civil war like in algeria where there was a similar situation where the military overflew the equivalent of the muslim brotherhood, and there was a 10-year war that killed half a million people. we just don't know very much. the concern that the american people has is that the president doesn't have a clearly articulated position. jon: we'll continue to watch the coverage as those troubles in egypt are set to continue. alan, jim, thank you both. >> than
it is the right thing to do. also because it is good for business. president obama should follow the lead with corporate america. he should follow the lead of the american people who have totally accepted the gay rights movement. there is nothing to be afraid of. it's time to sign. >> john: i hope he heard it because i'm sure the white house still gets current. tico, what are the odds of this thing making it through the house and becoming law? >> we'll start a discharge petition that allows you to get a bill stuck in committee out of committee when 218 members sign that petition. it's going to be a long slog. it will be a tough site. we've got some shot at it this year. it will help when we wrack up an enormous win in the senate with more than 60 votes possibly around 70. this will be huge when we win. >> john: tico almeida, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> john: okay. the only thing crazier than some of the tea partiers you know are some of the elected tea partiers you know. >> my producer just coughed up a hairball. >>sorry. >>just be grateful current tv doesn't come in "smell
clinton and president obama thought this measure was important this is a policy that's worked effectively in a lot of situations. and about the lawsuits there's no private right of action in this legislation. an employee can't bring a lawsuit based on those laws. the office of labors enforcement can enforce those laws but no employee or employer can bring a lawsuit. regarding h.r. and any burden this is a minimal set of requirements but part of the reason i'd be able to talk about this size of employer with larger organizations with 20 or more there's a little bit of structure about h.r. you have a folder relied to each of your employees and we want to be cognizant and respectful of that. one of the important things about this legislation if there turned out we haven't covered all the issues this allows the board of supervisors next year if you have an issue with this you can introduce an ordinance to amen that. all that said i'd like to continue the conversations with the public >> supervisor yee. >> first of all, i appreciate you're bringing this to our body. for discussion. there's so
hurt them. martin's parents attended some of those rallies. and civil rights leaders, join the mom and dad in calling for zimmerman's arrest. eventually, police chief and sanford florida stepped down and even president obama stepped into the fray with his own opinions on this case. chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt is here. jonathan, remind us of how the president became involved. >> harris, the racial undertones of this case are obviously what thrusted on to the national stage as you said, civil rights leaders, such as al sharpton got involved. and then just a little under a month after the shooting happened, president obama was asked about it at the white house and he said this: listen. >> you know, if i had a son, he would look like trayvon. and, you know, i think they are right to expect that all of us as americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves and that we are going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened. >> but this was also republican primary season and republican candidates were also forced to weigh in. listen again. >> the fact t
is to do the right thing and we have to stop picking at old scabs and trying to cause trouble. >> greta, does it bother you that president obama said he wouldn't way in on the gosnell trial but will weigh in on certain things, he'll cherry pick issues he feels are beneficial? >> reporter: i lived in washington way too long to be disturbed by things like that, i say sort of jokingly. i would hope if the president had a chance to think about it would like a do over. the president shouldn't be weighing in on these trials. maybe there's some that he should, but one that is likely to cause so much pain, we don't know the facts. not one of us was out there. not one of us. that's the reason we have the courtroom. we piece it together by little bits and pieces, from statements of the defendant, challenge in video tapes, whether it is forensic evidence, we have a system to try to resolve it, rather than the microphone. the microphone is not where you're supposed to seek justice. we don't know what happened that night, but we have all agreed, these six people will decide it for us. lawyers in the
, the rollback will already be in place. check and mate. the opponents of a woman's right to choose don't mince words when it come to anti-obama hatred to rile up their followers. >> it is generally from my opinion the promiscuous white men who are pushing abortion. i would say even the promiscuous black ones like our president. i shouldn't say that. they want sexual license themselves do not want responsibility. abortion has always helped men more than it helps women. >> this week we witnessed a moment that captured the frustration thatle women across the country are feeling. >> it was degs continuey. thank you for finally guns us women so publicly and not in the shadows like you're used to. thank you for every single bad press conference with your bad information. thank you for every hateful statement dewomen and girls to sex objects and brood mares and bald eagles like your eloquent supporters have done today. thank you for being you, texas legislature. you have radicalized hundreds of thousands of us. no matter what you do for the next 22 days, women and their allies are coming for you. let
." that was said by the fellow who sits right over here, the current majority leader of the senate. and a former senator from illinois named obama said if the senate broke the rules to change the rules, the fighting, the bitterness and the gridlock would only get worse. he was right about that. so what i'm saying to president obama and his friends on the far left is this: the facts show you're getting treated pretty darned well on nominations as it is. but if you'd like more confirmed, if, for instance, you want the senate to confirm your nominees to the nlrb, don't send us nominations already been declared illegal by the courts. don't send us nominees that have already been declared illegal by the courts. we've already said that's not going to happen. you know you can't look americans in the eye and say you'd vote for such a thing if you were in the minority. so don't expect us to. but if you send us fresh picks, we'll happily give them a fair hearing just as we've been doing all along with all the rest of the president's nominees. almost all of them have been confirmed. most of them have been
stage right now on capitol hill, james comey, president obama's nominee to be the next fbi director, faces tough questions from the senate judiciary committee. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. how did mr. comey handle questions about the nsa's activities, mike? >> reporter: jon, james comey said fbi surveillance programs which he would obviously oversee once confirmed face strict oversight. on the nsa programs, the programs that have gotten so much attention in recent weeks, comey said he was not entirely familiar noting that he is currently in the private sector. >> i'm not familiar with details of the current programs. obviously i haven't been cleared for anything like that and i've been out of government for eight years. i do know as a general matter that the collection of metadata and analysis of metadata is valuable tool in counter terrorism. >> reporter: on fisa courts which are obviously critical to a lot of this intelligence activity comey called this, an independent group of federal judges and anything but a rubberstamp. jon? jon: mike
lady michelle obama. congratulations to her. >> that is very, very cool. love to see that. >>> an ohio little league team right now has a very special sponsor so they can make some sweet music out on the field. how about grammy-winning band the black keys in the west akron orioles, made up of 6 to 8-year-olds, look at those little studs running out on the field, look at their jerseys on the back there strike says the black keys on the back, the bonus you get when you pay for them. the band reportedly sponsored the team for the low, low price of $300. any chose west akron little league because two of the band members used to play in that league as kids. >>> it will be harder to know went ice cream man is in the neighborhood in one southern california city. the long beach city council has voted to have the city attorney write up an ordinance that would silence ice cream trucks when they are parked. it would forbid the trucks from playing amplified music while selling their treats. once the state ordinance is written, the council will vote on it. come on now. let the music play. sweet ice
that barack obama can win in the second term domestically t appears right now. and it's almost a point of denying him that kind of a victory. >> woodruff: i don't know if there is any connection but one thing the house republicans did do yesterday, david s they voted to pass a farm subsidy bill but they stripped out of it hundreds of millions of dollars in food stamp funding. so where is that headed? i mean not a single democrat voted for that. >> the house republicans are making it difficult for me to be a big cheer lead they are we can. >> this started with a decent impulse that we have this beard system, we had a political alliance, we put the food stamp program with the agricultural subsidies so you get people on both sides voting for it and that would guarantee passage year after year, all these people come to washington and say we're going to change things. we'll cut the subsidies, wondering why food stamps is exploding as a program, maybe we feed to set that back. so we say let's change things. and that is sort of a decent impulse. but at the ends of the daiwa do we have, they'r
. >>> what will the second half of the year bring? the impact of obama care, immigration reform and what's it have to do with interest rates and stocks pchlts cocktails for the big holiday weekend. big business and booze. it all starts right now. . cockt big holiday weekend. big business and booze. it all starts right now. cockta weekend. big business and booze. it all starts right now. > cockt weekend. big business and booze. it all starts right now. > cockty weekend. big business and booze. it all starts right now. > cockt holiday weekend. big business and booze. it all starts right now. >>> first, let me send it over to bill griffeth with a look at headlines this week. >>> here's a look at what's making news as we head into a new week on the money. a stronger than expected jobs report for the month of june. the economy created 195,000 jobs and the unemployment rate stayed the same at 7.6% as more people re-entered the work force. markets higher at the open on friday during a holiday short rned week that had the stocks watching turmoil in the middle east, anticipating earnings season n
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